The Fourth Alpine Accident Robot Search and Rescue Contest 2019

The objective of the Contest is to accelerate the research and development of commercial robots in Japan’s robot industry by providing, as a specific example of a robotics application, assistance during disasters.
It is also expected that more lives will be saved when robots or systems incorporating robots that completed the missions in the Contest are deployed across the country.

Announcement of results

The 2019 Contest has ended successfully.
Thank you everyone who participated.

List of teams

No. Team name Website Team introduction
1 SkyRanger Project “Team NEX”
2 Seisa Kokusai High School Hachioji featuring Aero M’s Inc.
3 Team ArduPilot JAPAN(TAP-J) PDF
4 Japan RoboTEX PDF
5 WorldLink & Company Co., Ltd
6 mm Guard, Inc. PDF
7 Team OLAF
8 Yamaguchi Industrial Drone Association
  • Mission #1

    Oct. 9
    No applicable teams (mission partially canceled due to rain and wind)
    Oct. 10
    SkyRanger Project “Team NEX”
    Oct. 11
    No applicable teams
  • Mission #2

    Oct. 9
    No applicable teams
    Oct. 10
    Team ArduPilot JAPAN (TAP-J)
    WorldLink & Company Co., Ltd
    Oct. 11
    No applicable teams
  • Special Award

    Kamishihoro-cho Mayor’s Award
    Japan RoboTEX
    (taking a bold challenge on Mission #3: “Rescue”)

Contest Report

Experiment Content

  • Mission #1 Locate Missing Person

    Locate a mannequin as a missing person and specify its location (longitude and latitude) and take a photograph of it.

    Divided among teams that completed the mission
  • Mission #2 Send Rescue Kit To Missing Person

    Send a rescue kit (a 3kg box, assuming a transceiver and blankets in it which is prepared by the organizer) within a three meter radius of the mannequin.

    Divided among teams that completed the mission
  • Mission #3 Rescue Missing Person

    Rescue a mannequin and bring it back within a ten meter radius of the starting point.

    Divided among teams that completed the mission


Mission #1 Locate Missing Person

Mission #2 Send Rescue Kit To Missing Person

Mission #3 Rescue Missing Person


Forest owned by Kamishihoro-cho, Hokkaido


  • Deadline to apply to participate in the Contest: 12:00 noon, August 30 (Fri.), 2019
  • Deadline to submit plan (Missions #1, #2): 12:00 noon, August 30 (Fri.), 2019
  • Deadline to submit plan (Mission #3): 12:00 noon, September 13 (Fri.), 2019
  • Deadline to apply to visit the Contest: 11:59 p.m., October 7 (Mon.), 2019
  • Welcoming Party: 5:00 p.m., October 8 (Tues.), 2019
  • Opening Ceremony: 9:00 a.m., October 9 (Weds.), 2019
  • Closing Ceremony: 11:00 a.m., October 12 (Sat.), 2019


  • About the missions
  • The Contest in general
  • Other
Will we know the dummy’s clothing and color in advance?
Since the scenario is an accident in the mountains, it will be announced on the day of the Contest. You should assume it is typical mountain climbing clothing.
Will the dummy’s approximate geolocation for Mission #1: “Discover” be provided to teams?
No. Not even an approximate location will be provided for Mission #1: “Discover.” Your search should be based on the assumption that the dummy is located somewhere in the official search area.
If a rescue kit crashed into the dummy during a drop in Mission #2: “Reach,” how you would judge that?
Because the dummy represents a person, the team would be disqualified for that day if the rescue kit crashed into the dummy.
Is it allowed for people to go into the search area with a robot when rescuing the approximately 50 kg dummy?
People are prohibited to go inside the search area. You must use a robot to perform the rescue.
Does the rescue dummy have non-moving joints, etc. like the “Discover” and “Reach” dummies?
We are considering a rescue dummy that has movable joints. We are currently selecting a dummy to use, taking body weight balance, joint movement, and more into account.
The limit of 2G of impact during rescue seems rather difficult. Along with a dummy, can we borrow the sensors that will be used in the mission?
We are considering lending those also.
What is the schedule like for the “Rescue” mission? Will it happen at the same time as “Discover” and “Reach?”
We think we will start it at the same time as “Discover” and “Reach.” However, we plan to put the rescue dummy in a different place than during the “Discover” and “Reach” missions.
Will there be multiple rescue dummies, or just one? Won’t there be a scramble to get at the dummy?
We are thinking to put out just one, based on the entries we’ve gotten in the past. If we get multiple entries, we will consider it.
How will time and precision be reflected in the evaluation criteria of missions? For example, will points be added or deducted based on distance error?
As long as the results are within the precision described in the rules, there will be no further points added or deducted.
Do teams have to participate in all missions?
You do not have to participate in all missions. For example, it is OK to participate in Mission #1, “Discover,” only.


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